Bit coin mining is the process by which bit coins are released into the circulation. Basically, finding new blocks that are added to the block chain and receive rewards in the form of small amounts of bit coins involves solving computationally difficult problems. Block reward is 50 new bitcoins in 2009; it is reduced every 4 years. As more and more bit coins are created, the difficulty of the mining process, ie the amount of related computing power, increases. Bitcoin made its debut in 2009, the difficulty of mining started at 1.0 and it was only 1.18 at the end of the year. As of April 2017, the difficulty of mining was more than 4.24 billion. In the past, mining workers were able to run the mining process on regular desktop computers, but now to overcome the difficulties, miners are using high speed hardware such as application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), graphics processing units (GPUs) It is necessary to use advanced processing unit such as. .

As an investor, Bitcoin’s invention of the invention is to create new rare digital products such as bitcoins. Bitcoins is a transferable digital token created by Bitcoin network, known as a mining process. Bitcoin production is close to gold mining and is mined according to planned and predictable scale. According to the plan, only 21 million cubic meters were mined, most of which were already mined and were extracted at around 16.8 million cubic meters. The number of bitcoins and new bioinine produced in the mining area will be completed by 440 years.

Successfully mining Bitcoin makes the miner the benefit of the certain amount of Bitcoins which is halved every four years. This overall Bitcoin supply is capped around 21 million, and after this, no more Bitcoins can be mined. This has led to the production competition that has created intense competition in the production process.

The successful extraction of Bitcoins gives awardees a certain number of bitcoins, which breaks every four years. Bitcoins are limited to a total of up to 21 million and then bitcoins will no longer be extracted. This leads to a mining industry that has created strong competition for mining operations.

Bitcoin miners are competing in the production of bitcoins. These processes require enormous, constantly growing energy, especially inexpensive energy, to maximize profits. Bitcoin started living in an apartment that uses electricity. Today, bitcoin production is usually done at a manufacturing facility and data center with a strategic location with a cheap power supply.

Established in 2013, KnCMiner is a Swedish bit coin mining company that manufactures and sells bit coin mining equipment and operates bit coin data centers (bit coin miners) on an industrial scale that requires considerable energy supply . These bit coin data centers compete with other bit coin miners and are connected to the bit coin network to validate the transaction and integrate the block (a single log of the bit coin transaction) into the block chain. It accounts for 5% of Bitcoin mining peers.

Bitcoin is different, unlike altcoins, a new Bitcoin classification has been created, resulting in a network effect. Bitcoin remains the same. Because, unlike central currency, it is targeted, inevitably, invisible. These are the attributes of a large repository and give Bitcoin a tool that no other tokens do.

Privacy coins are the evolution of cryptographic currencies like bit coins. Because the owner of each wallet is unknown, the bit coin transaction is anonymous, but each transaction is publicly available and can be displayed in the public ledger. In other words, you can view and review all transactions for a specific wallet. Thus, if the actual identity of the individual is associated with a Bitcoin wallet address, anonymity is compromised.

All bitcoin operations are processed by bitcoin miners. In this blog we will talk about mining bitcoins later. Earlier Bitcoin mines used Bitcoin mining applications to test Bitcoin transactions before using the bitcoin wallet to launch bitcoin transactions. Mines are investing heavily in the computing power of Bitcoin networks and are entitled to Bitcoin transaction processing commissions. In other words, you do not have to say how much you need to spend, but you have to go back.

Bitcoin extracts mathematical and video compositions. It works very simple and very fine. If you send bitcoins to someone, this transaction will be recorded on the network. All other transactions within a specified time are recorded in “Block”. Bitcoin mining software installed computers will record each transaction as a huge digital book. These block blocks are called Blockchain.

Bitcoin blocks are files that are constantly stored on the bitcoin network. The block records some or all of the transactions that have not been included in all previous blocks. So this block is like a general ledger or a record book. Each “end” of a block leads to the next block of block. Therefore, the block is a permanent retention record, which can not be modified or deleted after posting.

Bit coin transactions are a bit anonymous, but they are also transparent. A bit coin is actually just a record of a bit coin transaction between different addresses that make up a block chain. Everyone on the network can check the number of bit coins stored in each public bit coin address, but it can not be easily identified.

Bit coins are not exhausted. This means that when the last block is mined, billions of bills can be attached to each circulating bit coin, combining a bit coin and coin management tool, Wallet will trade all that transaction Combine the number of tokens per bit coin of any wallet that optimizes the cumulative sign.

Now, on the other side of bitcoin ecosystems, ordinary people can engage in bitcoin networks, create a purse, and buy some bitcoins, but only miners can win the newly created coins. This is due to the fact that mining and other cryptococci, mining and relics are separated from each other. Only miners pay only after private investment in specialized equipment. All other people must exchange the existing bitcoin money. Miners get new money.

How much time do miners spend on bitcoins? Bitcoins introduced a booster model. The miners first solve the puzzle of hashing, add blocks to the block chains, and he gets bitcoins. N value depends on the time of the block chain time or the number of blocks. It started with 50 bitcoins, today its price is 12.5 bitcoins. Reducing this award after every 210,000 blocks (or every 4 years).

As gold miners look for money, bit coin miners also have to do some work to earn bit coins. Mine workers need to solve the problem. Every time the problem is resolved, the answer is broadcast to everyone and a new block is added to the block chain. In addition, those who solve it will get rewards for new cast bit coins. That is, each new block is added to the transaction ledger.

The computer connected to the Bitcoin network is the “minor” of the caller. Bit coin mining is the process of adding a transaction record to a bit coin block chain. Mine workers solve mathematical problems, “decode” the block chain, and use special software to exchange a certain amount of bit coins. This will provide more people a driving force for mining.

Some say that as bitcoin reduces the wages and rewards, the mining industry will be downgraded with energy consumption. Since Bitcoin is limited to 21 million tokens, blockblocks are mined over a minute to ensure blockers. This decline will reduce mining profitability, thereby reducing costs. I do not agree with this argument. This will encourage many miners to start bitcoins.

So take power. Today that most of the people carrying bitcoins and some of the people mining bitcoins are using the code, you’re in freedom to move it as you think fit. As with Bitcoin currency, the rebellious few can decide to stop using the wallet and can rather direct their transactions to the some ideologically driven miners who keep working on the old Bitcoin blockchain. Don’t care about them. This true Bitcoin, the figure that almost everyone in the world is applying, is now yours.

At the top of the page you will see “Purchase bit coin”, “Use bit coin”, “Play with bit coin”. That’s because bitcoin (BTC) is bitcoin. There are no currencies or digital assets called Bitcoin cores. Bitcoin core is the name of software that can be run on a computer to keep Bitcoin network up and running.

The other important possession of Bitcoin that no different coin gets is decentralization. By decentralized, I think that Bitcoin does not get the single end of occurrence or choke point. Every different coin has the father or the corporation that made their coin and they have the most influence over the coin. The hard fork (the backwards incompatible result) that’s forced on the person, for instance, is the indication that the coin is somewhat centralized.


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