Design is the creation of a plan or rule to build an object, system, or measurable human interaction. The meaning depends on the field (see the design field below). In some cases, direct construction of objects (pottery, engineering, management, coding, graphic design etc) is also considered using design thinking. The design usually needs to consider the aesthetic, functional, economic, and socio-political aspects of the design object and design process. It may include many research, thinking, modeling, interactive adjustment, and redesign. At the same time, we can design various objects such as clothes, graphical user interface, product, skyscraper, company identity, business process, even design method and process.

Since many PCs have been created, many graphic designers are participating in the development of an interface in the environment like the graphical user interface (GUI). This includes developing web design and software, and end user interaction with the organization and interface design. In order to combine communication skills with customer interaction and ability to understand online brands, graphic designers work with software developers and web developers to create a website or software usage and sensitivity. An important part of interface design is drawing design.

The user interface (UI) design is the design of a website / application that focuses on user experience and interaction. The purpose of user interface design is to make it easy and effective to interact with users. A good user interface design emphasizes the goal and achieves the task. And good UI design does not pay more attention to ourselves than implementing user’s goals.

Excellent mobile application interface design has two functions. It is easy to use. Designers are also responsible for creating such a beautiful mobile app with an excellent user experience. The best application UI design should be simple and practical, and provide users with enough information through a gorgeous interface design. In addition, this is an important element to provide an impressive visual to the user and to keep it for downloading and downloading.

The look in the fashion world is that the elements are more visible in order to understand and understand the elements of the process. This is the basic principle of software development. Many program developers will be stuck to understand how to visualize the app’s visibility. Designers will all think of improvements to their designs and look at all the users.

In the perfect world (for designers), everyone is a designer. Everyone knows the basic principles of design and has design common sense (design thinking ability). However, we do not live in a perfect world. A designer who was once expected was unable to speak with other designers alone. They need to communicate with product managers, engineers, marketing etc. So why are you just making designers involved in the recruitment / interview process? Why does not the hired employees include other people who must work together? Wondering if they are getting along? Give them a job and make sure they can work together well?

Today, designers looking for work are not required to hire. They want designers to work and use their skills to hire. UX designs are never competitive, and designers are doing everything they can. It does not mean you need to understand how to find a job. Look for the place you want and focus on it. It will use more time than the number you want.

The best way is to hire an appropriate designer or agent. Actual experts know how to design readable, memorable, flexible, scalable, permanently valuable logos. Unfortunately, inexperienced designers are doing a lot of bad logo design work. To make matters worse, customers (perhaps you) are not aware of these danger signals many times. This is noteworthy.

Some designers feel emotionally when describing, yet interactive design is inexperienced. Some designers are great product strategists but their designs are weak. Every design site has a lot of problems, and the right designers are working on issues that are appropriate for their ability. You can not change the designer’s designer differently and based on the results of the project. As a rule, you will need a strong design.

My own job is to “make the software product look beautiful”. Meanwhile, adventurously calling themselves design leaders or design strategists is often confusing outside of the technology and design industries. Even when talking to other people in the industry, true understanding of the role of design is rare.

Hybrid is a design engineer, creative technology, business designers, strategic designers, and technical product managers. They are a key component of avoiding the use and design of the design in various fields. One of the disciplines of hybridism is experienced by Gibber and has another discipline.

Every company, all the teams have their own understanding of what the design is, and the role of the designer. In the field of user experience, there are many occupations in design role, such as interaction designer, visual designer, information architect, motion designer, prototyping designer. These roles may overlap with other fields such as marketing, architecture and industrial design. Sound design

In the early 2000s design was just beginning to be defined as a broad professional. No one knows what it is. Is it a visual design? Are you designing interactions and experiences? What is the user experience? Are these people a web designer? A visual designer? Applications and mobile designs are not yet available.

From the beginning of 2010 the model changed the spectrum. We saw several features, but the lines were faint. Graphic designers, visual designers, web designers, UX / UI designers. However, companies do not know how to hire and what designs they need. Designers do not know how to call themselves.

This is the first web agency for agency or web design agency. It recognizes the material and the designer transfers the file to the developer after a few loops, which meet the client, or meet the requirements, concepts, and designs. Best of all, the designer implements the designer’s ability to visualize or visualize the abilities of the designer (as always) as the designer wishes and will need to implement 100% in the future.

By 2020, designers, designers, UX designers, UX designers, interactive designers, designers, designers, designers and designs will have a clearer picture. I must say “clear” rather than “clean”. The companies are different, but they account for 85% of designers with Really and LinkedIn.

Most UX designers have the experience of developing user interface, they have a deep knowledge of visual design and work fast with Photoshop / Illustrator. Some are based on software development experience and other UX designers know HTML / CSS / Javascript when creating prototypes with the Key and can create interactive models quickly. Some UX developers have business intelligence experience and their research principles are well developed.

UX design emphasizes usability, interaction, visual design, CX design emphasizes customer service and brand reputation. In addition, UX design includes user survey, information architecture, and content strategy. At the same time, CX Design also deals with fairness of sales process, advertisement, product delivery, pricing.

UX design is a user-centered consumer model that is designed to meet customer needs. During the design process, customers will pay attention. The UX concept is integrated into all processes since the beginning of development and transmitted all processes. UX design includes user interfaces (user interface), interaction, vision, hearing, industrial design, etc. These include:

In the UX design, you need to display the design outside the surface. You must see the intention behind each design decision. It can not only be done using the design process. It is to use different methods and frameworks to allow you to create a strategically thoughtful solution. If the designer can interpret it from another perspective, the design is well thought out.

Study is a very important point when entering user experience design. We always create cool designs with all the best colors and use the latest trends to design the interface. But it does not mean that your design can be used by users asking us to solve the problem. It’s like trying to add an adult African elephant to the refrigerator. The idea seems cool, but it never goes well.

The importance of visual design is getting lower and lower, but the design is not everywhere, even if the designer learns to adapt, it will become important as time passes. Most design leaders like John Maeda are design technology reports that designers say they need coding to survive. But if you are a young and ambitious designer, I will tell you, I ignore these people as I beg you.

You may be more like an interaction designer than a visual designer, but the web portfolio has a great visual impact. Make sure you are proud of all the visuals in your portfolio. Process quality is very important. In many product design roles, it is necessary to be powerful both in interaction and visual design.

As a product designer, we design solutions to everyday problems. We sometimes forget some important aspect of the design, think about just making a “beautiful design”. The appropriate visual hierarchy creates the appropriate visual cues for the user and the interaction principle used in the application will support the appropriate interaction between the user and the bridge digital system and the human system.


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